A lot of societies, past and present, use music to deliver certain messages in an easier and a more attractive way, and to express various opinions about some specific topics.

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Sports and Action

The meaning of sports changed with the change of time. Today, whoever watches football tournaments or basketball games considers himself as an athlete.

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What do Children Use More: Facebook or Instagram?

Technology is in the hands of all our children nowadays, and social media websites became very attractive to them all.

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How to control the children’s internet usage

Today's generation knows more about the technology and the internet than previous generations.

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Jealousy between Siblings

A lot of people think that jealousy between the siblings is something very normal and that it would be very weird if this jealousy did not exist.

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Bullying is threatening a person to reveal his private information to the public or doing anything that destroys him if the he does not follow the requested orders.

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About Fanoussy

Fanoussy is the name of a Lebanese cartoon character. This lantern will act as a guide for kids for proper education, constructive entertainment, and a winning experience.